Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hey! I'm Arianna

I began my internship here at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay this year in February. I do some research projects and help plan for 2015's summer youth program. I am currently a sophomore at Matignon High School. Planning on going to college soon, I plan to major in marine biology/ marine science. My goal to accomplish at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay is the learn more about my city's water and ways I can help to keep it clean and safe for others. 

A reason why I am here at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay is to gain the skills I would need to know for a future in working with the water and other sea animals. Another reason that I took this internship was because it would be a great experience to have as a young adult proceeding through high school and having a future in front of them.

Other than academics and planning out my future I do have other hobbies I enjoy. I play soccer for my school and in the summer I play volleyball. Since being at Matignon for these past two years, I have played soccer and basketball. Well I believe that's all about me and I cannot wait to have the opportunity to work for Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay in the summer.

-Arianna Worrell 

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