Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Campfire, Marshmallows and Pirates at Constitution Beach

On Thursday, June 18th, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay joined the East Boston YMCA and the Department of Conservation and Recreation for the first Constitution Beach Campfire Festival of the summer!  

Giannna Acker roasts her marshmallow

The event brought more than 60 kids and their families to Constitution Beach in East Boston to kickoff the summer by roasting marshmallows around the campfire, dancing and singing, and listening to pirate stories on the beach . Families and friends set up camp chairs and blankets to enjoy the evening and watch the sunset while DCR staff member Enzo Polcaro kept watch over the fire to ensure perfectly roasted marshmallows! 

Storyteller Norah Dooley describes how big her friend Herman the worm was!

Mary Read the Pirate, played by storyteller Norah Dooley, made an appearance and gathered the kids along the shoreline to tell stories of her life as a pirate. She explained what life was like on her pirate ship and taught the kids a very important skill that all seafarers should know- how to tie a knot! 
 Everyone practiced and practiced, and those who were able to tie a proper square knot were rewarded with a foreign coin from Mary's Pirate Booty!

Everyone played freeze dance once they finished eating their marshmallows

It was a fantastic event hosted by the East Boston YMCA and the Department of Conservation and Recreation with the support of Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's Better Beaches Program. We are greatly looking forward to the rest of the Campfire Festivals hosted on Thursday nights this summer and fall! 
They will be held at Constitution Beach (Zero Barnes Ave) in East Boston from 5:30PM - 7:30PM on July 16th, August 6th, September 17th, and October 15th. 
We hope to see you there!

For more pictures from the event take a look at the video below!

Campfire at Constitution Beach- June 18, 2015

Stay tuned for a complete calendar of all Better Beaches Program Events happening this summer! 

About Save the Harbor's Better Beaches Program:
On June 6th, 2015 Save the Harbor/Save the Bay awarded more than $200,000 in Better Beaches Program grants to more than 35 different groups in 9 beachfront communities from Nahant to Nantasket to support over 70 free public events this summer.

This year’s Better Beaches Program grants will fund traditional beach events like free concerts and sand sculpting competitions, family fun nights and beach festivals, including a late season beach party hosted by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. It will also include a Quidditch tournament, story telling with the pirate Mary Read, a coastal illumination and sand painting by noted California coastal artist Andres Amadore. 

Here's the full list of the 2015 Better Beaches Program grant recipients:

For more information about Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Better Beaches Program, see our blog post about the awards ceremony on our blog Sea, Sand & Sky here and be sure to visit our website at or follow savetheharbor on Facebook and Twitter.

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