Friday, January 20, 2017

Hi from Kelly - Intern Extraordinaire

Kelly fueling her seaweed obsession on Cape Cod
Hi everyone! My name is Kelly Tobin and I'm the new Environmental Policy intern here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I am a senior at Boston University and originally from Connecticut, so I have always loved New England's beaches and all of the unique life here. I study Marine Science, which has been a lifelong passion for me, starting with the rocky shores of Connecticut all the way down to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream in North Carolina.

My parents would take me down to the coast as often as they could during the summer, which was a treat because we live over an hour away from the coast.  When we were there, we spent the whole day looking under rocks for little crabs, walking along the shoreline and staring at the sand in search of sea glass or unique shells, and I would brave the chilly New England water to play with the fish and hermit crabs that I could see in the shallow water. When we went down to North Carolina, I was in heaven.  The hot southern sun gave me an excuse to spend hours in the water, catching minnows and crabs, and searching for any treasures I could find on the sand. These experiences fueled my curiosity and fascination with the natural world around me, and I can't imagine going through life without that. I want everyone to have equal access to the beaches like I did and am thrilled to be part of a team with the same vision for the world. It is already so uplifting.
Kelly looking for seals and enjoying the sun on the Fish Pier
At BU, I have worked in a biogeochemistry lab, been a teaching assistant for an Introduction to Oceanography class, and am Co-President of the Marine Science Association. I've taken many ocean-centered courses as well as a STEM education course throughout my time as an undergrad, and wish I had more time to take more courses! I love teaching people about something I know and care about, and getting to work with people who also get excited about the ocean and our environment. I want to focus on the communications and education side of Marine Science, which is why I started with Save the Harbor.

Kelly with a preserved viperfish at Harvard's
Museum of Natural History
I have a special love for seaweed and sustainable food systems, and Save the Harbor is a perfect place to share that love with more people! In my first week, I have already dove into (pun intended) some of the projects I will be working on. I have started with some of the other amazing people here on curriculum development for our summer programs. They were so impressive-I wish I could be a kid again! Right now my main project is creating a cookbook featuring foods you can find right here in Boston Harbor, ranging from invasive species like green crabs to my personal favorites; (native) species of seaweed. I love the idea of eating invasives to create a more sustainable food system AND teaching kids and families where their food comes from. It has been a super fun project and I'm only on day 3, so I am very excited to see what this semester brings.


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