Friday, February 3, 2017

Good to be Home!

Max gearing up for the rope course at Camp Harbor View
Hello everybody! For those that do not already know me, my name is Maxwilliams Iwuala and I am a senior Biology major attending Stonehill College. I have worked with Save the Harbor Save the Bay's summer programming in previous years, but have recently made a return to the company working as a project assistant aiding in the review of their 2017 summer curriculum.

I was raised in Boston for nearly my whole life and have visited many a beach in the Boston area. It was not until, however, working with Save the Harbor Save the Bay during my sophomore year of college that I was able to appreciate the beauty and liveliness of the Boston Harbor and the region's public beaches. More importantly, though, I realized the numerous extraordinary experiences I had been missing while living in the harbor's very backyard. 

Max instructing a young camper how to cast a fishing rod
I can still remember my first time fishing off of a boat in the harbor with Camp Harbor View’s fishing club hosted by Save the Harbor Save the Bay; my memory becomes a bit hazy when trying to recall whether or not I actually reeled in any fish that day, however, I will never forget the excitement and sense of adventure the trip inspired in all of the young fishermen and women and myself. From the looks of the faces on some of the young campers I could easily discern this too was their first time fishing on the waves, untethered from any semblance of seashore. It was then that Save the Harbor Save the Bay’s mission became real to me; aside from the abundance of fun had by both the staff and the thousands of children participating in our summer programs, there is an indisputable commitment to sharing the local beaches, harbor and Boston harbor islands alike, with underserved youth communities inhabiting this great city that otherwise may not enjoy the opportunity to do so. I have experienced firsthand the impact of such opportunities and have since refocused my aim to assisting Save the Harbor Save the Bay in extending these experiences to the countless children reached by the company’s community programming!

Max searching for invasive species along the shores of Long Island

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