Friday, December 8, 2017

Save the December?

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all having a great fall so far even though some days it feels like winter. Luckily, Christmas and vacation are right around the corner because I can’t wait. I don’t think I have ever written a blog post when it is this cold so this is new for me. I had the pleasure of working at the Atlantic Wharf on Saturday, December 2nd for a their annual Holly-Day on the Harbor. I will admit I was skeptical about having a touch tank inside in the winter but most of the kids loved it. We had Louise the Lobster in the tank and we had a mackerel and a scup on the table for fish printing. This was new for me because I had never done fish prints on anything other than flounder. The scup made some nice prints and the mackerel not so much but it was still fun!
Me fish printing with a butterfly fairy princess 

I think we had the coolest table there because everyone made some kind of face when we told them the fish were real and that they could touch the fish. There was a very interactive and fun band of two men that all of the children loved because they sand so many funny songs. There was a gingerbread house table, an amazing face painter and a free burritos and cookies (the cookies were my favorite). The kids worked with on saturday were younger than I have ever worked with during the summer so the experience was different. The younger the kids the more curious they are and these kids aren't afraid of touching the fish, even though their parents were. Overall, this was such a fun, family friendly event that I think everyone should take advantage of next Christmas season.

Hopefully you hear from me again soon!
- Maeve Fittz

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