Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Getting Back Outside on the Waterfront for April Vacation Programming

Why wait for the summer to get outside and fish? This April vacation week brought with it the first opportunity for outdoor programming with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Boston Harbor Explorers program. Hosted by Atlantic Wharf and Boston Properties, 210 kids from youth groups around Boston enjoyed a morning of history, art, and science of the Boston Harbor.

Each morning kicked off with a welcome and storytelling with Tony the Pirate as he told tales of the golden age of piracy in the harbor. Kids learned tips and tricks on how to tell an engaging story, and soon were sharing their experiences with their peers.

At the next station, participants created environmental art by painting water bottles to resemble fish as a part of our Changing Course program created by Save the Harbor artist in residence Robyn Reed. Fish are displayed in public places in “schools”, and the multitude of them is impressive as each one represents a student learning about how to prevent more plastic in our oceans.

At the touch tank, groups had a chance to meet Frank the six pound lobster and his friends the two large rock crabs. They were fascinated to learn about their behaviors, diet, role in the aquatic ecosystem, exoskeletons and how to determine if the animal is male or female.

The following station had each group gather to sing the official Save the Harbor sea chantey, “Haul Away Together”, as a reminder that when we all work together we can accomplish huge feats, whether it be raising the sails on a ship, or keeping the Boston Harbor clean.
Fishing was the biggest draw of the day, as by the end of the day the kids were baiting, casting, and reeling like pros.

The day wouldn’t be complete without a lunch of Boloco burritos, courtesy of Atlantic Wharf.
Save the Harbor would like to thank our amazing partners at Atlantic Wharf and Boston Properties for hosting our April Break Programming, James Hook & Co. for lending us our crustacean friends, and of course the groups from the East Boston YMCA, Wang YMCA, Dorchester YMCA, The Community Group, Greater Boston YMCA, and Castle Square Tenants Association for coming out to participate in these fun filled days.

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