Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Meet Patricia! Save the Harbor's Director of Development

Hi! Today marks my 53rd day at my dream job with Save the Harbor. I am grateful to a few people in my life who I met during my Core Certificate program at the Institute of Non-profit Practice last fall. Malene Welch (Boston Children's Museum), Nikki Tabron (Thompson Island) and Carole Charnow (Boston Children's Museum) have witnessed my re-birth as a fundraiser and frankly, as a wife, mother and individual. 

Nikki Tabron, Patricia, and Malene Welch

I guess my life's lesson is that you never know who you will meet or how things will come together, but surrounding yourself with good people is key. This is what I have realized through my journey starting back in the early nineties (now you know how old I am). 

Having working in the for-profit side of business in luxury cosmetics for 14 years before my pivot into fundraising, I have witnessed the intersection of both, resulting in a long-term partnership with my now husband, formerly the recipient of a small grant from Kiehl's Since 1851 when I was in charge of International Business Development and Global Marketing - Asia, Latin America and Australia. Adrian, a cell biologist, taught me how his work, and that of many others is heavily reliant on the philanthropy of others.

Fast forward and here I am today. Stronger, after working with small to medium sized shops, and wiser because of my mentors and colleagues in the field like Sonja Plesset (while at Whitehead Institute), Fabio Fernandez (while at the Society of Arts and Crafts), Bernie Pucker (my earth angel) and Rebecca Lubens (while at Understanding Our Differences). 

Often, when people find out that I like to fundraise, they are amazed. I respond that fundraising is a way for me to best utilize the skills I have been given. Listening and engaging people on their interests and understanding their motivation to support a particular cause is like opening a book. I believe that every person has a story and I want to make Save the Harbor a major part of this story.  Through the years I have also learned that if you do not ask, you will not receive, and a "no" is not a final "no" but a "not today". 

Patricia holding a huge striper at the Fishing Derby

So everyday I wake up loving the work I do because I am surrounded by intelligent, creative and really good people at Save the Harbor, doing what I love to do - passionately and whole heartedly,  I can truly say, I have found my dream job. Thanks for reading!

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