Monday, May 1, 2023

We Want to Hear from YOU! How Can Beaches Feel Safe for All of Us?


As managers of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission for the State Legislature, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has focused on receiving direct feedback from local communities through public hearings regarding equity in race, ability and language when it comes to enjoying our regions beaches and outdoor spaces.  

During these listening sessions, we have heard from youth and community partners that issues related to public safety and feeling welcome on our region's beaches are key issues to address. We know that young people, especially the black and brown youth in our jobs and education programs, can feel intimidated by police when they are trying to teach, learn or just have a good time with their friends or families. And we've heard that law enforcement officers can feel frustrated by disruptive behavior on beaches.  

As we look towards this upcoming beach season, join us for a conversation with community members and leaders, elected officials, and law enforcement representatives to collaborate on shared hopes and goals for safe and equitable blue spaces in our region! We want to hear what you have to share on May 3rd to find common ground and plan for this summer.  

Meeting details and information can be found here: