Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Introducing Jen to Save The Harbor

 We are delighted to introduce Ms. Jen Xiong (she/her), the newest addition to our team as the Administrative Coordinator. Armed with a recently earned degree in Economics, Jen is an accomplished individual with a profound commitment to our shared vision for a cleaner and more inclusive marine environment.

Originating from the hometown of Lexington, MA, Jen's roots are deeply embedded in a community known for its rich history and vibrant culture. With a notable professional background as an Administrative Assistant at the Golden Age Community Center in Boston, Jen has honed her organizational and coordination skills, ensuring seamless operations to support the center's mission. Her experience has solidified her dedication to fostering positive change and efficiency in every role she undertakes.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jen is a proud enthusiast, always eager for new adventures. Her passion for travel has taken her to various corners of the globe, including enchanting destinations such as Costa Rica, Thailand, and Puerto Rico. Through these journeys, Jen has explored the beaches and islands of these diverse locales, gaining a firsthand appreciation for the beauty and importance of marine environments.

In the pursuit of personal growth and community involvement, Jen has set a short-term goal to achieve certification in yoga within the next year. This aspiration reflects her commitment to well-being and her desire to contribute to the community on a deeper level. 

Save the Harbor is thrilled to have someone of Jen's caliber on board. We believe her unique blend of skills, passion for positive change, and dedication to community involvement, coupled with her global perspective gained from exploring various coastal regions, will be invaluable assets in advancing our mission.

Please join us in welcoming Jen Xiong to Save the Harbor. We look forward to the waves of positive change she will undoubtedly create and the impact she will make on our marine environment.

Here's to efficiency, fun, and the promising journey ahead!

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