Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cupid's Visit to Revere Beach

I woke up early Saturday morning to find my father with red face paint on his face and a red heart on his chest. Yep, this is how I started the day off... only be followed by more craziness. Revere Beach hosted Save the Harbor / Save the Bay's first annual Cupid Splash on Saturday, April 2nd. The sun was shinning, the birds were out, the wind was blowing, and the water… was cold. Despite the temperature it did not stop the brave volunteers, who ran with open arms into the water. I have never seen so many people happy to run into freezing cold water! Despite my father’s attempts at black mailing me; I refused to go in. The event itself was wonderful even as a spectator; there was music, plenty of people-- many dressed in their best cupid themed attire-- hot clam chowder from Summer Shack, and Kelly’s Roast Beef. There was a even film crew from the local news channel and plenty of cameras going off.

The reason that this splash was so special was because it is the only splash that is for the beaches, the beach communities, and the environment. Everyone raised money to aid in keeping our local beaches clean and providing free events and activities-- and that was definitely the reason that everyone came out of the water with a big smile on their faces. I cannot wait for next year’s splash to see it get bigger and even crazier!

Ariel Garneau
Revere Beach Partnership
Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

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