Friday, April 8, 2011

Wonderful Beach! Wonderful Cupid Splash!

Junyue “Fiona” Pang is an international student from Sichuan, China who is studying at Boston University this academic year. While Fiona recently began an internship at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay, the Cupid Splash was her first exposure to the work we do and the fun that we have doing it! Read on to find out more about her experience…

I was so excited on April 2nd. I couldn’t help getting up early that morning because the First Annual Cupid Splash was held on that day by Save the Harbor/Save the Bay!

I was in a hurry to go to Revere Beach with my friends because I heard that Bruce Berman, who has worked with Save the Harbor for 20 years but who is also my professor at Boston University, was going to jump into the water with more than a hundred other participants to raise funds for the organization and the beaches.

Thanks to the wonderful sunshine, I loved the big smile on everyone’s face on the beach. I felt that everybody was passionate and enthusiastic! There were adorable little children dressed up with big wings just like cupid, and many people wearing beautiful costumes. In particular, Ernie Garneau, who had a red face and a big red heart on his chest was really funny and outstanding!

Seeing so many people jumping into the cold sea on such a winter day was impressive and unforgettable. They were brave! Hundreds of people witnessed and enjoyed the big event on all the other beaches as well.

Promoting the ideas of protecting the beaches-- and raising funds for Save the Harbor and the beaches at the same time through this kind of activity-- was such a great win-win idea. I think it makes people realize the importance of beaches and the Harbor while having fun with them at the same time.

I’ve already been looking forward to the Cupid Splash for the next year and I’ll be a participant if I have the chance! What’s more, I would like to do even more now to protect the beautiful beaches with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

Junyue “Fiona” Pang

Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

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