Monday, February 3, 2014

Metropolitian Beaches Commission Public Meeting Captivates A Sense Of Passion

While growing up in New Jersey, going to the beach with my family and friends was a regular affair during the summers. I remember packing up the umbrella, towels and sunscreen and driving 30 minutes to our favorite beach. I recently moved to Boston and it was to my surprise that beaches were not clean and people friendly. When I started interning at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay ten days before our public meeting I knew I was in for an awakening.

In preparation for the public meeting, the other interns and I made phone calls to the community residents to invite them to the event which was being held by the Metropolitan Beaches Commission. During the phone calls, some individuals instantly responded with positive and enthusiastic reactions. Though a tedious task, I knew it was worth it, as getting people of the community involved is an integral part in improving any environmental issue.

Upon entering the room on the day of the event, I immediately felt a sense of passion amongst the crowd. The room was soon to be filled with more than one hundred people, all there for a common purpose. During the presentation we heard about the current conditions of the beaches, how they changed over time, and future goals to main them. After the spokespeople finished speaking, they gave the community members a chance to share their opinions regarding the conditions of their beaches. At that moment, I realized there were not many individuals each trying to help a cause, but rather one large community working towards a common goal that would potentially benefit future generations.

I want to conclude by stating that I was surprised and impressed seeing the passion and enthusiasm from the community members, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay staff and the Metropolitan Beach Commissioners. I am personally very excited to see what happens next.  

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