Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get To Know Me - Lindsay Phenix

Hello All!

My name is Lindsay Phenix and I will be a Senior Harbor Educator this summer for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.  This will be my first summer on the harbor and I can’t wait to get started!  Before we dive into the excitement to come, here is a little bit about myself!

I grew up in Tewksbury, Massachusetts and spent just about every summer on Cape Cod.  It was there that my love of the ocean began.  Thanks to my dad and grandfather I became fearless when it came to exploring the waters and shores just down the road from our beach house.  Turning over rocks to see what lived underneath, snorkeling in the shallows, collecting shells, and catching crabs with nothing more than string and the previous night’s leftovers provided endless days of entertainment and wonder.  It’s safe to assume that from those early days I developed sea foam in my veins and the ocean has fascinated me ever since. 

This fascination with the ocean and the living world around me led me to major in Biology when I attended Saint Michael’s College in Burlington, Vermont.   Although the green mountain state has no ocean in sight, I managed to work in my aquatic interests through my minors in Environmental Studies and Studio Art.  (Fun Fact: Although it often confused my art professors, I always chose to paint or draw sharks for my final projects)

The summer leading into my senior year I had the opportunity to study abroad on the Caribbean Island of South Caicos (located in the Turks & Caicos Islands).  There I studied with the School for Field Studies conducting research on the island’s marine life and marine protected areas.  Additionally, I learned about the many conservation efforts taking place to protect the fragile reef ecosystems from over fishing and global warming.  My time in South Caicos was amazing and the marine life was vastly different from everything I was used to finding in New England waters.  I can now say that I’ve captured and tagged sea turtles and baby lemon sharks, as well as swam with beautiful spotted eagle rays and countless tropical fish. 

My journey thus far has certainly been an interesting one, and I can’t wait to see where Save the Harbor/Save the Bay takes me.  Not only am I getting the opportunity to share my love of the ocean with others, but I’m also getting a chance to share another love of mine – that being sports!  I played volleyball, basketball and softball throughout high school, and I went on to play Division II Volleyball for my college.

I’m looking forward to this wonderful opportunity with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, meeting new people, and most of all helping to inspire the next generation of crab catchers, beach explorers and shell enthusiasts!

Get ready to dive into summer!!


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