Thursday, October 29, 2015

First Time to Spectacle Island on the Last Cruise of the Year

First Time to Spectacle Island on the Last Cruise of the Year!

Keith Goplerud of Allston &
Eddie Calderon of Boston
On Saturday Oct 24th, a team from Save the Harbor/Save the Bay was accompanied by 254 excited brave souls from the greater Boston area for a free day trip to Spectacle Island. The day began with a chilly 30 minute cruise over to Spectacle Island, followed by a group picture when we got off the boat and then everyone went exploring on the island. People went and found spots for picnics, hiking and flying their kites, while others went on a search for the jet blue marbles that were hidden around the island.  Others stayed back near the boat to listen to Mary the Pirate tell scary stories about the island’s past.

Mary the Pirate sharing stories with the group
This was my first time on the island and I did not know what to expect.  I had a great time exploring the trails and enjoying the views of the harbor. My favorite part of the day was hearing the history of the island from Mary the Pirate’s stories. I found the stories of the past uses of the island to be different and interesting. Starting back in the 19th century the island had various uses as farming and housing for families, the home of a quarantine hospital, a glue factory made from horses, and a landfill site before turning into the magically green space it is today. It was only until after the Big Dig construction projects, that the city took all the unused dirt and clay from the project to cover up the landfill and unwanted history to rebuild this amazing space.

I had a great time meeting new people and enjoying the island, despite the cold. I hope everyone who came along for the free day also enjoyed it and I welcome you to come along on the next free cruise by Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay.

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Brittany Angelo

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