Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vacation Week aboard the Freedom for the Marine Mammals Safari

On Saturday May 23rd we had a successful day aboard the Freedom for our 3 free Marine Mammal Safaris. Kids, families, groups and friends came out to join us in hopes of seeing some seals, and porpoises. Although the first trip did encounter some rain, there were still sightings of some seals along the harbor. Thankfully the rain didn't keep people from coming out for the next two trips. The dock was full with an even bigger crowd who were eager to board the Freedom for the second trip. 

While looking for the marine mammals, kids were able to give a big wave to boats who happen to pass by us on our trip. Later on, the sky cleared up for the second trip and was perfect for the last trip so that everyone aboard was able to enjoy the top deck while searching for any sign of a seal or porpoise. 

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