Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Vacation Week

My experience coming back together with Save the Harbor Save the Bay was very great, getting to meet the newer staff and being able to bond again with the crew. Even though it's been 2 years it felt like I never left, they welcomed me. The activities at the Children Museum were exciting because i got to meet Larry the lobster & a crew of pirates. It was fun hearing stories & showing the lobster to all the kids inside the museum. I enjoyed being able to see & touch the touch tank they had placed for the children, saw many sea animals like cray fish, sea star, snails, crabs, water roach.

The next day across from the museum in the grass field at Atlantic Wharf I got to interact with some of the kids & talk about the harbor animals & the new Larry the lobster they had.

The final day on the boat I had a blast that I was able to see a seal & a couple of black birds flying & basking around. The boat ride around the harbor was smooth, I got to take a couple pictures & meet new people & families, this whole experience showing me how important is team work & interacting with the children making their smiles on their faces.

                                   -Edward Calderon l

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