Saturday, May 7, 2016

Intro to Sydney Eberth

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Excited about trail work in Denali National Park.
My name is Sydney Eberth and I recently joined the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay team as an Environmental Policy Intern. I graduated from the University of Vermont last May with a degree in Environmental Science. Upon graduation, I jetted off to Alaska to spend the entire summer working with the Student Conservation Association. During my time with the SCA I was able to participate in a number of projects including trail construction, trail maintenance, invasive species
management, as well as a number of re-vegetation and demolition projects. I was also very lucky to work in multiple different locations throughout Alaska, one of them being Denali National Park and Preserve.

Research diving in Thailand.
Since returning home from Alaska last September, I have had the privilege of volunteering with the Marine Mammal department at the New England Aquarium. When I am there, my day consists of preparing food for the animals, cleaning exhibits and toys, enriching (or “play time” with) the seals with toys we created, and also interacting with aquarium guests. When I am not at the aquarium spending time with seals and sea lions, I am with dogs at the dog daycare I work for. Needless to say I love animals!

I would like to ultimately be working with marine mammals whether directly as part of a rescue team or behind the scenes, fighting for them as a policy maker. I took this internship at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay to learn about working with a non-profit organization and also more about policy work. I am looking forward to the time that I spend with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and know that it will be an amazing, educational experience.

Sydney Eberth

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