Sunday, March 25, 2018

Glad to be back

The school year has definitely drained a lot of my energy since the summer. I went from catching fish, and swimming with my All Access team, to studying all night, taking notes, and getting headaches from how loud the lunch room was. It is great to be with my friends on a day to day basis now, but I do miss the Save the Harbor days. Luckily, there are events I can get invited to work at, and still show the love I have for the job, and I got to do so at the pop up museum by TD garden. It is very crazy how we were able to transform a storage room like area, surrounded by gray walls, and pipes, to a Marine life gallery, and also be able to display some Boston pride!
Kara and Chris (left to right) photo IMG_3143_zpsbgmtehyw.jpg
transforming the room 
At the pop up museum we did a variety of things. To start it all off, Jennifer and I got breakfast at a very nice cafe right next door to the gallery. When we met with Amy and Melissa, we began to catch up and talk about how we were able to make the best out of the cold days in Boston. Jennifer and I began to fish print, and we made a lot of different types of fish prints, from solid colors, to vibrant arrays of green and yellow, and distinct patters with zigzags, stripes, and even polka  dots. After that we looked at some photos of the beach bash, maybe the greatest day at Save the Harbor ever. IT was so fun! We did a huge splash, and it was just a great social event. We also got pizza at the pop up museum. After eating the pizza I played with some sand for a little bit, doing some sand art, and to top it all of we painted on a huge sign that said Boston Harbor. The letters were arranged to be different things that are exclusive to Boston, like the Bruins logo, or the Zakim bridge. It was a great way to spend a Saturday morning, and even better it made me happy because it gave me a glimpse of what I am returning to this summer! 

Can't Wait!
Fish Prints photo IMG_2489_zps3bgifrxf.jpg
just a few of our fishprints
Qalid Hassan :D

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