Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Atlantic Wharf Fishing

 Today was a good day. We had children from the Dorchester YMCA come and experience some activities that include fishing, crab catching, and touching lobsters and a crab. The children were so excited when they got there. There were some kids that really wanted to catch fish and possibly a shark. Even though we couldn't have caught a shark, a lot of the staff were helping them stay positive and patient. Even though we didn't catch any fish, everyone was happy and engaged in the process. It was also my first time fishing so I tried to learn as much as possible from Jules. From what he told me, I was able to show and teach the children how to hold the rod, lock the string, and make the bait. During Lunch all of the staff interacted with the children and had a good time talking about sharks, fishing, and lobsters. Every one of the kids were happy to have spent time with us and do the activities that we had planned. As my first time doing a program like this, I learned a lot and I had the chance to teach what I had learned as a way to pass on the ways of nature and how to fish.

-Eric Colon-Rivera
-This is me teaching the children how to hold the rod and how to make the fish take the bait.

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