Monday, April 30, 2018

Story Time and Lobster Fun

Who doesn’t love the Children’s Museum? Now add some Save the Harbor staff to their everyday activities and you're basically in childhood heaven. Over my April Vacation I had the privilege of working at the Boston Children’s Museum. We worked alongside Tony the Terrible Pirate. Tony would tell the kids stories about the beaches and pirates around Boston Harbor and after, we would let the kids play with a lobster, a rock crab, and some green crabs.
My two new best friends 
In the picture above, you will see a young pirate introducing a lobster to her new little friend. This boy in particular was very afraid to pet and even come close to the lobster when he first got to our table. But, after demonstrating how to pet the creature he was more than willing to give it at try. At first, all he wanted was to slowly let one fingertip brush the shell. However after realizing how calm and gentle the lobster was, he was all over her. As you can see in the picture, he even dared to put his whole hand on the claw!
A little mermaid and crustacean

This little girl was without a doubt the bravest of them all. She was the youngest in her family, with two older sisters. The sister were easily frightened by the intimidating lobster. But this little mermaid walked herself right up and started petting away. After watching their younger sister basically hug the lobster, they too joined in and began petting away. This was one of the best experiences I had working for Save the Harbor. I loved being around all the kids and encouraging them to get in TOUCH with the animals we brought to them.

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