Monday, December 10, 2018

From Pirates to Calamari: Winter Events with Save the Harbor

My week at Save the Harbor was full of excitement and new opportunities, as I attended three different winter events spanning from Winthrop to Boston's seaport. During my first event, I attended a conference about a book on pirates during the 1700s written by author Eric Jay Dolin. To kick off the event, we taught the guests in attendance the sea shanty Haul Away Joe to get them in the pirate spirit. Dolin went into detail explaining how Hollywood has romanticized the thoughts of pirates and how the actual life of a pirate wasn't what was shown on the big screen. The author explained in a hour long conference the thought behind his book and stated misconceptions about pirates. The event was an extremely interesting and I enjoyed every second on it.

Ashley, Chris, Kristen and I teaching sea shanties to the guests in Winthrop.

        The second event I worked was Holly-Day on the Harbor at Waterfront Square near South Station at which we set up a stand in order to help kids celebrate Christmas on the harbor. There were lots of things for the children to do including a music session in which many kids participated in. Kids were able to look at the touch tank to observe a two pound lobster and they had the chance to dress up as a pirate. Kids also worked with our artist in residence, Robyn Reed, to paint water bottles to contribute to her Changing Course exhibit. This was definitely one of the most exciting events I've been to because it flew by extremely quickly while I listened to holiday music sung by the musical guests.

A view from above of the activities at Holly Day on the Harbor at Waterfront Square.

This past Thursday, I attended the 7 Artists, 7 Fishes event at the Boston Harbor Pop-Up museum in the North End, featuring many environmental artists and tasty calamari prepared seven ways.  This event was exciting because there was a lot of people who came to learn about what we were doing at Save the Harbor/Save the bay and it was incredible seeing so many people interesting in the release of the 7 sustainable fishes to prepare at the traditional Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. The best part of the event was the food that was catered and prepared by Chef Basil of the Daily Catch, as it was extremely delicious and I could not help myself from going back for more.

A glimpse of the art surrounding the guests at the Pop-Up 7 Artists, 7 Fishes event.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my week at Save the Harbor, as each event was exciting to attend. It is great to get to share Save the Harbor's work with kids and adults alike in the winter months.

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