Monday, December 10, 2018

The Holiday Season at Save The Harbor

Hello Everyone, I'm Back!
A few curious kids learning about lobster at Atlantic Wharf.
On Saturday, December 1st I helped out with an amazing event called Holly-Day on the Harbor at Atlantic Wharf. There was music, food, art, a lobster (courtesy of Save The Harbor), and most importantly a bunch of excited kids. This was the first event I had worked since the summer, and it felt really good to be back with Save The Harbor. During this event I was mostly working the lobster station, trying to recruit sometimes hesitant kids to look at and hold our lobster. While some kids were scared of the lobsters and had to be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, there were also a few really eager kids who were all over the lobster the second they saw it. Once I got the kids to come to our station I would tell them some cool facts about lobsters and would answer any of the questions they may have had. Along with the lobster, we also had Robyn Reed with us who used old plastic bottles to create artwork. This was a huge hit with the kids, and I'm sure the ocean is also thankful for Robyn's work.

This past Thursday I was also able to help out at the 7 Artists, 7 Fishes event at the Pop-Up museum celebrating the release of the 7 sustainable fishes list to prepare at the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. During this time I was able to see some really amazing artwork created by Robyn Reed and other environmental artists. I was also able to enjoy some of the delicious calamari which Chef Basil from the Daily Catch prepared seven different ways, and was able to catch up with some Save The Harbor alumni. I was working the event so I did have to help out with various tasks, but I enjoyed the celebration and I thought it was one of the best events I have worked during my time at Save The Harbor. 
Christine, Mark, Chris and I posing in the striped bass photo booth at the Pop-Up.
It was great to be a part of Save the Harbor's winter events, and share the harbor with adults and kids alike outside of the summer months.

Until Next Time,
Abel Yohannes

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