Thursday, July 11, 2024

3yrs and counting


My name is Maddox, a student at Umass Boston as well as a third year returner to Save The Harbor I commute from west Roxbury to seaport which is the location for in my opinion the best site CHV (camp harbor view) on Long Island.  Some of my interests are basketball, fishing, swimming and football. And most of these interest can be exhibited at the sites that I’m assigned to. This summer I’m excited to work at save the harbor because it’s not a job you’ve had before it’s a completely different setting and to be quite honest the best job I’ve ever had. The friends I’ve made both coworkers and campers don’t compare to any other job I’ve had which strengthens my excitement for new connections since if you want that this the best job for that. What initially drew me to apply was  honestly just curious about a job near the water since I’m aspiring marine biologist having a setting like save the harbor on both resume and skills, teaching the future generations about water preservation, animals in the harbor and this overall rich history of seaport. During orientation we played lots and lots of get to know you games which wasn’t exactly my favorite part but I was still active. We also went on a mini fishing trip which also was a history lesson courtesy of David. My favorite part will always be hanging out with my friends on the fishing boat every year. As well as seeing the new jpas and connecting with them. That’s all folks have a great day!

-Maddox A.

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