Wednesday, July 3, 2024

The return

(I used pictures of the boys who caught a fish on the fishing trip I was on) My name is Jah, this is my 2nd year at save the harbor save the bay and my site is chv. I returned this summer because i had fun last year and learned alot about the many islands.So far chv has been ok not as fun as last year,i had more fun last year.I came to oreantation this year i didnt go last year but i enjoyed it i went to spectacle and had fun with my friends.Alot of my favorite SHE's left like daruis and fatima and maddison but they are on to new things.My new SHE ari is fun and my LHE simon and maddox are fun to.we caught a fish on our fishing trip with fishing club.
I want to catch my first fish this year,i only caught 3 crabs. Id like to go on more fishing trips because they are fun and i get to make friends with new coworkers.At chv my Favorite lighthouse is Mdot most of the kids i talk to during fishing club are in thing i need to work on is swearing it just slips out but ill work on it.Im enjoying Working just like last year,low key wish i was a LHE i work mad hard imma be one ,one day. I hope I end up working with my friends Kimani and  Clarck 2nd half of summer. I never worked with them before I hope I can this year.I will be working many events this year because I worked a few last year and its for money so I think i'm good. I will be enjoying my 2nd year ill see ya'll next blog ✌🏾

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