Thursday, June 20, 2013

East Boston YMCA Summer Kick Off at Constitution Beach

It was a beautiful day to be on Constitution Beach.
On Monday, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay headed out to Constitution Beach in East Boston for the East Boston YMCA Summer Kick Off. Boston students had a free day for Bunker Hill Day and many kids took advantage of their day off to soak up the sun, play in the waves, dance around and learn about the beach. It was a beautiful day to be outside. 

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay not only sponsored the event but had a strong presence, bringing their touch tank full of clams, mussels and oysters. The kids loved it! Some of them had eaten clams before, but a lot of kids hadn't, and many of them had never seen the inside of a mussel before. SHSB staff members Will and Carolyn were experts at showing the kids how to break open the mussel shells. Some of the kids loved the shells while others were more interested in the insides. They couldn't believe inside those shells were actual animals!

Along with SHSB's touch tank, there were other games for the kids and a DJ who did a great job getting the kids moving. There was freeze dancing with prizes and lots of line dancing--even the SHSB staff joined in! We did the Cotton Eyed Joe, the Cha Cha slides, the Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle. We had lots of fun and it was great to see the kids outside, enjoying the sun and the beach. We hope to see them there throughout the summer!

--Rachel Frenkil
Communication and Events Summer Intern

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