Friday, June 28, 2013

Straight Bloggin' It

Hello everyone out there in the blog-o-sphere! My name is Sarah Bailey and this will be my first summer working as a Senior Marine Educator for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and I am just bubbling with excitement! (I promise I will make a conscious effort to not end all of my sentences with exclamation points) My interest in the ocean was sparked by spending my summers on the shore of Buzzards Bay fishing, lobstering, letting no rock go unturned, and netting tiny minnows and eels. My original professional aspirations were to become a full time mermaid but I had to reluctantly accept that was highly unlikely (I may or may not still be holding out hope), so I settled for the next best thing and decided to become a Marine Biologist and Educator.

See you on the beach, an island, a dock - or in the cool clean water of Boston Harbor soon!

Upon receiving my B.S. from University of Miami with majors in Marine Science and Biology I took a break from research and moved out to Catalina Island in California in order to become an Outdoor Marine Educator. I have spent the last two years leading students on kayaks, snorkels, tide-pooling adventures, and squid dissections which have been both rewarding and life altering. Last summer I spent my time working as a Marine Ecology Mentor for High School students in Eleuthera, Bahamas focusing on over-fishing, invasive species, and anthropogenic affects on the local ecosystems. We also had the opportunity to work with local researchers and were able to long-line for sharks and tag green sea turtles in the shallow sounds.
My interests include SCUBA diving, spear fishing, and cooking; my dislikes include mushrooms and bad reality television. My goal for this summer is ignite the spark in at least one kid so that upon leaving our activity, whether its tide-pooling, lobstering, fishing or any other incredible experience that is offered this summer, that she or he is inspired to continue to learn about the ocean and work toward continuing the effort to conserve it by sharing their knowledge with friends.   

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