Sunday, September 8, 2013

Into the Mist.

During the last week of programming I had the privilege to take a ride on All Access Boston Harbor. Not only was this my first time aboard the Provincetown II this summer, but it would also mark the first time that I have ever traveled to Peddocks Island. Instead of traveling to Spectacle or Georges as it does every week, AABH held programming on this less traveled island to bring a fun, and atypical end to a great summer.

The morning began in a slightly frantic state as I scrambled to navigate my way through Cambridge and Everett to find Solo Produce, the vendor that provides AABH with fresh and delicious fruits. After loading my car I headed back to the World Trade Center Pier and boarded the spectacular Provincetown II. The kids that were already on the boat seemed like a lively group that would take advantage of everything that the island had to offer. I knew it would be a great day so long as the clouds cleared.

As our voyage set off into the Harbor we could see that a thick bank of fog lay just off the shoreline of Long Island, neatly dividing the inner and outer harbor. Navigating our way through this thick soup was entertaining to say the least. The kids loved the mysterious nature of the fog and were curious as to what lay behind it. Screams and giggles erupted from the passengers when the boats captain sounded the booming foghorn to alert ships that lay in the unknown.

The crew of the Provincetown II navigating through the fog
The fog thinned as we approached the town of Hull and our final destination, Peddocks Island. After eating lunch there I brought a large group of kids down to the shore to go fishing. While we didn't catch anything besides crabs, the kids still had a fantastic time and learned a lot about casting and knot tying.

Hung and I helping the kids fish from the shores of Peddock's
Unfortunately our day on the island had to end, and we boarded the boat back to Boston. The ride back however was full of excitement, and the kids, particularly those from the Bird Street Community Center, were a blast. The Save the Harbor crew and I had a wonderful time joking and playing games with those little rascals.

Thi receiving some beautiful hair work from the Bird Street kids
It's sad to say that the summer is coming to an end but this was certainly a wonderful way to put a close to such a fantastic couple of months.

- Missing programming already, Tom Rebula

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