Monday, September 9, 2013

Is It Really Over Already?

It’s hard to believe that summer is already over! It seems like just yesterday I was cluelessly wandering the Boston Fish Pier trying to find the elusive Save the Harbor office and telling myself that I would eventually get used to the intense fish smell (not quite so). But alas, time flies when you’re having fun, right? Over the course of these short weeks I have had the opportunity to explore unique parts of the Boston Harbor, work with some of the best and most dedicated coworkers, catch more crabs than I had previously thought humanly possible and meet some of the most curious and inspiring kids from the different Boston communities.

I came to Save the Harbor with the hope of sharing my enthusiasm for the environment and I can confidently say that I achieved that goal. Seeing all our Harbor Explorers show up early every single day (even on those gray and rainy ones) ready to get their hands dirty was incredibly rewarding and inspires hope for future generations of environmental conservationists.

Each day brought new experiences and my list of favorites from the summer would be endless. But, here’s a quick list of things I am already missing:

1.     Crab Races

2.     Sharks and Minnows

3.     Starting the day with the amazing view from Piers Park

4.     Shoreline walks with Southie kids

5.     Lobstahssss

6.     Impromptu dance parties on the dock

7.     The unconditional love for Save the Harbor staff

8.     Spending the day with goofball kids

A special shout out to my JPAs - Jazeel, Monique, Nhu, and Vinh. The summer would not have been the same without you guys. Thanks for showing up every morning with smiles on your faces. The East Boston and Southie kids (and me!) will never forget their summer with you.

Until next time,
Sarah C

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