Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back at Save the Harbor!

Hello everyone, my name is Juelle Benjamin. Hope everyone had a good summer because I sure did! For the past two summers I've worked for Save The Harbor/Save The Bay  I enjoyed it so much. I met a lot of new people over the summer and made some great friends. 

I am currently a senior in high school at Another Course to College - part of the Boston Public Schools. I also have a part time job right now. I'm keeping myself busy by working and staying in school. This is my last year of high school so I have to make it as fun as possible but also very productive.

Yesterday I spent the day at Spectacle Island, working for Save the Harbor again, and also had a good time.  I was reunited with some Senior Marine Educators and also some JPA's that I haven't seen since August. I missed a few people, so it felt really good to rekindle with everyone. I also enjoyed the hike I took at Spectacle Island, the scenery was so beautiful and peaceful. I have never seen Spectacle Island like this before it was so relaxing. It was chilly but it was definitely worth visiting the island and catching up with some of my co-workers.

Well, it's not bye it's see you later. Until then, everyone enjoy the holidays and have a good year.

Thanks for everything,
Juelle Benjamin.

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