Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Making a Difference

My name is Dennis Poole and I'm an environmental policy intern with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.  I joined this organization in January and have found my experiences thus far professional, educational and enjoyable.  Within the first three weeks I took part in two hearings with Metropolitan Beaches Commission (MBC) and I'm currently working on a project with two other interns involving water quality with beaches in Boston Harbor.

On February 1, 2014 I was fortunate to take part in a public meeting hosted by the Metropolitan Beaches Commission at the UMass campus in Boston.  It was interesting to hear the concerns of the resident beach patrons and the MBC commissioners plans on how to address their concerns and simultaneously improve the quality of our beaches.  At one point I was able to listen to and share ideas with committee officials from Nantasket Beach in Hull.  Beach Projects ranged from the construction of docks and ferry services in order to facilitate more transit to the islands. The information and goals presented by the MBC and the citizens who attended reflect the qualities I like to see in a community.

I am especially happy to be part of a team where I can apply the critical and analytical skills I learned in college in a way that benefits the greater community.  Researching ways to improve the quality of our environment with peers that share the same goal is personally rewarding and beneficial to the surrounding community.

The team here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay consistently demonstrate their commitment to the well being of both its staff and the communities in which it serves.  The staff here is very attentive in training and guiding us in a conducive manner that develops our professional abilities with our personal goals.  The atmosphere here is both professional and fun, not only am I getting a chance to learn and experience the many professional aspects of environmental policy but I'm enjoying the journey.


Dennis Poole,

Environmental Policy Intern with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

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