Friday, June 16, 2017

Haul Away Together!

At Save the Harbor/Save the Bay we sing sea shanties like Haul Away Joe to remind us of an important lesson. When we all pull in the same direction we can get almost anything done.

Thanks to our Lead Teacher Bridget Ryan and her 8th Grade Civics class
at the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science for this great video.

That’s how we transformed Boston Harbor from a national disgrace into a source of opportunity and civic pride. We believe that it is also how to strengthen our community and our city today.

We also want youth and teens to know that young men and women just like them played important roles on Boston Harbor and the sea in the past, and that there are plenty of opportunities for them on Boston Harbor today as well.

Please join us on the Fish Pier during the Festival of Tall Ships from June 17 - 21 for free family programs that celebrate Boston's maritime history and our spectacular harbor.

You can download a copy of our historic broadsheet "All Hands on Deck" here.

Draw a picture of yourself as a sailor or pirate, write a new verse of the historic sea chantey "Haul Away Joe" and send a photo of it to us at or post it to #savetheharbor on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you could win a terrific treasure.

See you on Boston Harbor!

Your Friends at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

Save the Harbor Save the Bay would like to thank all of our foundation funding partners, corporate sponsors and the thousands of individual donors whose generosity and support makes all our free programs possible.
Thanks as well to our Director of Strategy & Communications Bruce Berman, 2017 Artist in Residence Olga Karyakina, Senior Staff Assistant Ian James, Curriculum Coordinators Melissa Miller and Carolyn House and our team of talented interns and volunteers for bringing this project to life.
A special thanks to Sail Boston, for bringing the Parade of Sail and the Festival of Tall Ships to Boston Harbor in 2017, and to our partners at Bay State Cruise Company and Mass Bay lines for making it possible for us to share this extraordinary event with the region’s young people and their families.
You can find our more about Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and the work we do to
restore, protect and share Boston Harbor on our website at

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