Friday, June 23, 2017

My first Tall Ships experience

Hey everyone! As you can tell by my title this was my first time ever engaging in the tall ships in Boston. I live in Charlestown so the ships are always in the Navy Yard but I have never actually been a part of the experience. I have to say that it was pretty amazing to see and learn about all of these historic ships because they were amazing. The fact that everything needed to be done by hand in the 1800's and earlier is a hard concept to grasp. There was no technology in this time period and the men used sea shanties, like the ones we sang on the cruise called Haul Away Joe, to gather their energy to pull the sails.
Besides being on the educational cruise around Boston Harbor I was able to interact with a lot of children, and even some adults, through fish printing. I forgot how much I loved fish printing since I haven't done it in a year and it was fun to get back at it again. One of my favorite parts about working the tall ships was seeing my friend, Carolyn, who I worked with last summer. She left for Chile again and she will be gone for a year so it was nice to see her right before she left. Im really excited for the rest of this summer and more fish printing!
-Maeve Fittz

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