Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Intern: Emily Bozadjian


I hope everyone is having a lovely day. My name is Emily Bozadjian and I’m from Medfield, MA—a small town about 45 minutes southwest of Boston. After graduating high school in 2016, I left New England to attend college in North Carolina. However, I find myself back in the 617 as I apply for fall admission at new schools. As a communications major, the communications internship at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay came at the perfect time, and I look forward to spending the next few months at this organization!
I have always had a passion for our planet—whether it was picking up trash during recess in the second grade or experimenting with some more sustainable diets throughout high school and college, the environment has always been on the forefront of my mind. My passion further blossomed this past summer when I volunteered with the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) organization. For a week I farmed in upstate New York, gaining a deeper appreciation for sustainability, organic practices, and food—what an incredible learning experience!

I knew I wanted to find an internship that reflected my personal commitment to the Earth, and when I found Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, I was ecstatic. Having a communications internship at a nonprofit is a fantastic opportunity to explore and learn more about an aspect of our environment that I have been surrounded by my whole life but do not know a lot about: the ocean. I am eager to dive in!

To understand a little more about what the harbor and bay mean to me, I’d like to share a few moments the ocean and I have shared over the years:

-Avalon, NJ: At age 4, washed out to sea 

-Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, MA: At another young age, my sister sticking live sand dollars to my body (against my will)

-Any beach at any age: The same sister picking up dead crabs from the sand and chasing after me with them

-St. John, U.S. Virgin Island: Running into the ocean as an eager fifth grader only to find myself, as I dove underwater, face to face with a stingray 

-Nantucket, MA: Not understanding just how large Nantucket waves are and choosing to stay above water instead of swimming underwater while said waves passed’s safe to say I learned my lesson

-Orleans, MA: At age 17, falling into the water while tubing and losing both my bathing suit and my dignity

In all seriousness, the ocean is my childhood, a dynamic body, and peace of mind. It is such a privilege to intern at an organization committed to saving, celebrating, and protecting it. Looking forward to this journey!

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