Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Intern - Kayla Hammersley

My name is Kayla Hammersley and I am the new Policy intern here at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. Being from Rhode Island means that Del’s is a summer “must have”, that the Big Blue Bug is not only a mascot for a pest control company but for the state itself, that everyone literally knows everyone, and that we always have a wicked good time. Another thing that all Rhode Islanders understand is that the beach is the hottest spot to be on any given day. Being from the Ocean State has influenced myself in many different ways and has furthered my love for all things “beach”.

Oakland Beach RI

I currently educate myself at Lasell College with a major in Environmental Studies supplemented with a minor in Business. Most people say don’t mix business with pleasure but I couldn’t resist myself when I first came onto the Lasell Campus. Not only did I immerse myself in my major but I did so also in the culture of the campus as well. From welcoming freshmen onto campus as a peer mentor/advisor and being the President of Random Acts of Kindness Club, I have dipped my toes into various activities that were offered my way. I even dabbled with Lasell Environmental Action Force (LEAF) club collecting water samples and implementing water bottle filling stations on campus as well as enjoying the great outdoors with the Outdoor Adventure Club.

Now I was excited to start applying what I learned in the classroom to an actual organization, so when I found the internship with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to work with a group of like minded individuals helping to make a difference and helping protect the ocean we all love. This is also a great opportunity to use the materials taught in my classes and expanding my understanding of how those lessons are applied in organizations. I am so excited to have the opportunity to use the culmination of my studies at school during my last semester to provide support to an organization like Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. 

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