Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Back! Couldn't Wait Til' Summer

Hi everyone, its Will Clark, I'm back at Save the Harbor preparing for another great summer. I had so much fun and learned many new things last year and I'm back hoping this summer will be even better. I miss the Boston Harbor, All Access, Camp Harborview and all the people that I worked with last summer. I had many good times last summer with kids and co-workers. One memory that really stuck to me from last summer was being able to take the kids from the Camp Harborview fishing club on the Boston Harbor to go fishing. They were all so excited to get on the boat and go fishing since they were so used to just fishing off the dock. The kids caught 2 pretty big striped bass and the captain of the boat filleted the bass in front of the kids and they each were able to take a piece home. It was a very exciting day and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope we get to take more kids on the Boston Harbor for fishing trips this summer. The Boston Harbor is an amazing place with many activities to offer and I hope more kids get to experience what it has to offer this summer.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the year and I'm looking forward to Summer 2013 with Save the Harbor. It will be my fifth summer as a member of the staff and I definitely know this summer will be just as good as the ones before if not better. I hope everyone will be back to enjoy the summer on the Boston Harbor with me.

-Will Clark

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