Friday, February 22, 2013

My First Day at Save the Harbor Save the Bay

My name is Ezekiel (Zeke) Mercer-McDowall. I am from Dorchester over by Codman Square area. I am 17 and I attend Another Course to College High School in Brighton. I am interning here at Save the Harbor Save the Bay for the week of February vacation. The first day was awesome and being that this was my first internship I could ask for it to be any better. I was able to be comfortable and be myself and show who I was and what I can do. I got to work at STHSTB due to connections with my former middle school The Epiphany School.
So, far I have learned a lot it’s only my second day. I have learned about things such as pollution in water having to do with prescription drugs in the water and how it affects the eco system of the marine life. And there’s much more. Just being able to get an early start on what I want to do in life. A marine biologist and or a forensic scientist, I am really appreciative that I have this opportunity not everyone gets a chance to see the real deal first hand and go behind the scenes to the main foundation where the magic happens. I hope to continue on with this program. I can see that I can and will go far here. And this chance may only come once and I am going to take advantage of it now rather than later.
^The marvelous Patty and I watching the seal in the Harbor.

This was the first seal I have ever seen in The Boston Harbor!>

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