Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun in the Fall!

Hey Everyone,
Its been awhile since I’ve written a blog which feels kind of weird but I missed it. Yesterday was overwhelming because I didn’t know who was going to work or what I was going to do. Well I was waiting in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts in the cold weather then when I saw all of the Save the Harbor, Save the Bay crew members which brought back so many memories of enjoying fishing, visiting Spectacle Island, and the Fishing Tournament.
The Crew
Then we got there and Carolyn split us up into groups and in my mind I’m like wow, it’s freezing! Then we were just walking around waiting when Bruce came up to Carolyn and I and said we should adopt the Photography Club of the Boys and Girls Club, which was pretty cool. A lot of the kids were just focused on the blue marbles and finding them throughout the beach. Then I took a nice walk on the beach looking at the different colored shells, going to the beach in the fall is absolutely amazing. A little while later we went on a nature hike with the kids and they were just looking at different objects to take pictures of which was cool because I remember when I used to be a part of that club and we visited different places.
Views of Boston in the Fall
At the end of the day I just enjoyed and had many laughs with the kids because that’s the purpose of Save the Harbor, Save the Bay, making it the best experience any child could have and knowing they made the best of it.

Can’t wait 'til next summer,


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