Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Back at Spectacle Island

Hi everyone!

My first day back at Spectacle Island since the summer was filled with excitement, new discoveries, and fun. I learned many new things and met new and interesting people while also enjoying some perks of the island I have never gotten to experience. Spectacle Island has always been very enjoyable, and Saturday was not any different.

The day started with our staff meeting up at the World Trade Center, near the spot where the boat takes off. It was nice to catch up with friends from the summer, and I really enjoyed being able to talk to my co-workers for the first time in months. Once we got onto the boat it was interesting to see how much the boat and the Boston Harbor have changed in the last couple of months. As we got closer to Spectacle Island, I could notice how much greener the island has gotten. During the summer Boston was in a drought and Spectacle Island was suffering. This month Boston received a lot of rain and now Spectacle Island is looking as beautiful as ever.

Once we arrived to the island, we planted blue marbles all around the island as part of our Jet Blue scavenger hunt. If a visitor finds a blue marble they can enter a lottery, the winner of this lottery receives two free Jet Blue tickets to anywhere in America. Giving people the opportunity to win this amazing prize was truly wonderful, and it was incredible to see people's reaction after finding a marble. We also took some groups out on walks around the island, and even though it was freezing we enjoyed the view on the island. After this the day came to a close, and we all said our goodbyes to the amazing guests who came out to visit the island with us.

Until next time, Abel Yohannes
As I was walking along the beach, I saw these birds sitting on the rocks, and decided to take a picture of this interesting scene.

One Last group photo.

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