Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The view from here

Khar, Preston, and I

The last time I was here it was a bright summer day where I was comfortably in my flip flops waiting to jump right into the water. Last time I could remember it was about 90 degrees and nothing felt better than being in my blue shirt and my comfortable shorts. All I did was complain about the heat now it's October and it's freezing! Oh man how I wish it was that warm again. It was a pleasure to be with my co-workers once again but this time it was a completely different day. Instead of doing our normal routine we took groups on wonderful trails to see the beautiful views and to enjoy nature. We also had the pleasure of showing around a wonderful group from the Boys and Girls Club who were taking pictures of items they had on their list.  They had so much to take pictures of from the landscape to the rocks, the sea glass, just everything. We also had a marble hunt and the kids just went.... M A R B L E S, hahaha. Get it because they were looking for marbles. HAHAHA!! I can not wait to be back in the summer and being able to connect with families all over again.  The view was breathtaking I could definitely see that beauty in the city skyline. Everything about this day went by smoothly and everyone was pleased which warmed my heart up little by little before we got off the boat.


                                                                                       -Isabella Perez

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