Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fall day on Spectacle Island

Last time I was on Spectacle Island it was in August and its was a hot beautiful day, I remember looking for shade to stay cool due to the heat. Last week was my first time at Spectacle since the summer and it was really cold. It felt like winter and Spectacle is surrounded by water, which made it even colder. The cold did not stop us from having fun. We got on the boat around 9:30 and we had a lot of people on board. Some people told me this was there first time going to Spectacle Island and they were really excited. When we got off the boat, people separated and went on their own to explore the island. Some went hiking on the top of the island and the others were busy looking for the blue marbles. If you find the blue marble , you take a picture and it enters you in a raffle to win 2 Jet Blue  tickets. Many people were really excited and took the challenge of finding the marble.

Amazing view of Boston
After the marble hunting, we all went for a hike on the top of the island, and it was really long walk. We stopped a lot to take pictures of the amazing view the island displays. You can see the whole city and its beautiful skyline from the top of the island. After we got back to the boat, we took one big staff picture and it reminded me of how amazing summer was and I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with such amazing people.

Fun group of people

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