Thursday, May 18, 2017

Introducing Me - Sami Sparrow!

Hi all!
I am so excited to begin my environmental policy internship at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay this summer! I am a rising junior at The George Washington University in Washington D.C. but I am from the lovely Boston, MA! I clearly love living in the city since I was raised in Boston and decided to live on a campus surrounded by motorcades and busy streets. Though D.C. is an amazing place to live, nothing beats the view of the Boston skyline from the BU bridge! When I am in D.C., I study political science. Though sometimes trying, I love analysing and comparing various political behaviours and activities. Environmental policy is growing increasingly popular in government and society. Environmental policy has a major effect on our day to day lives, especially as climate control is becoming a hot (literally hot) topic! I am eager to begin working with the staff to preserve the amazing beaches and waterfronts in the Boston area.

I am extremely lucky to have spent part of my summers growing up down Martha's Vineyard enjoying the beaches and community with my family. This helped me garner a massive appreciation for the fun and excitement beaches can give to kids and families. I am lucky to be a part of an organisation that is so dedicated to bringing awareness to Boston kids and families about the amazing opportunities they have in their backyard! People do not have to travel far to spend a fun filled day at the beach as long as they know the resources available to them. I am very invested in preserving Boston's plethora of beautiful sites to provide countless opportunities to the Boston community.
It is only my second day and I am already amazed by how much work this staff puts into giving back to the Boston community. Everyone works to ensure Save the Harbor is doing the best it can to maintain constant preservation of the beaches and their supporters within the Boston area.

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