Thursday, October 24, 2019

Hines a Real Difference at Squantum Point Park

This week, Hines partnered with Save the Habor/ Save the Bay and the Department of Conservation and Recreation to remove more than 1.5 tons of trash from Squantum Point Park. In two hours' time, the dedicated volunteers from Hines turned an overgrown, littered, and Sumac infested stretch of land into a manicured green space. Hines has been committed to sustainability since its founding in 1957, and it was clear that the employees present at the cleanup are dedicated to maintaining that mission.

Michael Francis, left, on the day of the clean up with colleagues Kelly Shom and Bob Gendron in front of Marina Bay.

Michael Francis, Managing Director, expressed that "the Hines group, from the very top, makes sure we are giving back to our community", and the 20 plus volunteers did just that. Hines owns and developed the Meriel Marina Bay housing complex, located on the waterfront of Squantum Point Park. As stated by Managing Director, Sean Sacks, Squatum Point Park is a "hidden gem in the Department of Conservation and Recreation network, and we are excited to be out here cleaning up for both the residents of Marina Bay and Massachusetts citizens at large". That hidden gem certainly got polished this week!
Hard at work cutting down Sumac and Bittersweet. 

Although over 1.5 tons of Sumac and Bittersweet were removed from the area, there was nothing bittersweet about clearing extra green space for the community and conserving the stunning park.  Squantum is a former Naval airfield that now offers views of local birds and the Boston skyline.  Hines' dedication to engaging their employees in sustainable practices has left Squantum Point Park cleaner for the community to enjoy.

Employees from Hines, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, and DCR before starting the cleanup.

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is proud to be partners with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and Hines. "With incredible partners like these, creating opportunities for Massachusetts residents to enjoy the beaches, parks, and harbor is as fun as it is impactful," said Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay Executive Director, Chris Mancini. We at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay want to give a big thank you on behalf of us and the community members who will be enjoying Squatum Point Park to the Hines group and the Department of Conservation and Recreation for their incredible effort!

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