Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New Staff Member- Maya Smith


    My name is Maya Smith and I am the new Outreach and Office Coordinator for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay! I am thrilled to be joining the team and am looking forward to using this blog post as an oppor-tuna-ty to work in some ocean-related puns.

Maya's first Harbor cruise this past Sunday. 

    I am a MA native who grew up in Haverhill and moved to Boston in 2014 to attend Suffolk University. Haverhill is on the North shore of MA so I grew up frequenting the local beaches. You Betta believe I'm familiar with rushing into freezing ocean water as soon as the weather hits 70 degrees!  I love to travel, but my favorite things to do in Boston are grabbing food in Chinatown, visiting art museums, chilling with the seals at the Aquarium, and getting midnight pastries from Bova's.

Maya in Prague, where she studied abroad for a semester in college. 

    I have three brothers, a dog, and a fin-tastic mother who are very surprised to see me joining an environmental organization since science was never my strong suit. I got my BA in 2018 in Sociology and Education Studies, with a concentration in Youth and Community Engagement. I am passionate about youth advancement and maintaining healthy and supportive environments for community growth. There cannot be healthy and growing communities without protecting and maintaining the local ecosystem, like Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has worked to do. Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has dedicated themselves to providing clean water and enriching programming to our community for over 30 years and I'm ecstatic to join the cause! I can't wait to further connect the community to the incredible programming that Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has to offer!



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