Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marine Mammal Safari

April 30th was a great day for the Marine Mammal Safari boat trip hosted by Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. As part of our free family events this spring and summer, over the course of the day we brought more than 600 people to the Boston Harbor Islands National Park to see the seals and porpoises that visit the Harbor and the Bay each spring. I assisted on all three boats for the whole day as part of my internship. I woke up quite early that day and went to the Rowes Wharf to meet our staff, ready to work to make sure that all our guests had a good time on our first great boat trip. The weather was kind of chilly and cloudy in the morning, which made us concerned that the weather may affect the trip. Fortunately, it turned out to be sunny right before our first departure, which was great!

Bruce was there narrating about all the Boston Harbor, the islands and marine mammals along the way Everybody on the boat enjoyed the trip so much; all the kids were especially so exited when they found harbor seals swimming around our boat. The porpoises were kind of shy that day and we didn’t find a lot of them. However, it didn’t affect the whole trip a lot and everyone had a good time on the boat trips including all of our staff! We took so many pictures of families from around Boston and even some from all around the world. In those pictures, the smiles and laughs really make us proud of what we are doing as a team at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

After the whole day’s work I felt a little bit tired, but I spent quite a wonderful day and had tons of fun there. It was such a great experience having interned at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, which is filled with a lot of fun events and passionate people in our team. Now we are getting ready to host more awesome events this summer as part of Save the Harbor's 25th Anniversary, and we hope more and more people and families can join us and enjoy our great harbor together!


Fred Zhao

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