Thursday, May 5, 2011

Up for a Harbor Adventure?

This past Saturday, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay hosted the Marine Mammal Safari. It was the first event I attended after interning here for four weeks, and it was my second time out on a boat. It was great seeing all the energy families had early in the morning, and how families from communities all over Boston were up for an adventure to find Harbor Seals and porpoises. As the children waited patiently in line they guessed what a porpoise was and what it might look like. It was not until Bruce began to give us tips on how to spot them and Harbor Seals when the kids finally knew what a porpoise was. Bruce had given us a preview of what a porpoise sounds like and it went like this "...(SILENCE)..." Everyone laughed and smiled and it was so great to see that they were enjoying themselves.Everyone participated in the search for Harbor Seals and porpoises. Some used Binoculars while others were able to use their great eye sight. We were able to spot a few Harbor Seal on rocks, but the porpoises were shy. I found it amazing how Bruce would announce a Harbor Seal sighting on one side of the boat and everyone would run with smiles to take a look. When finally spotting it, faces would glow and eyes would shine. It was great to see all the joy it brought to people, and I was glad to experience this event with my family and to show them the passionate people I work with at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

- Kristina Acevedo :)

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