Thursday, May 5, 2011

Marine Mammals in Boston Harbor!

This past Saturday, we at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay held our favorite Springtime tradition: the Marine Mammal Safari! Families from all over Massachusetts (and a few visitors from across the country and world!) joined us for one of three exciting boat trips in search of harbor seals and porpoises.

We packed the boats with families and community groups are we were off! Our Baywatcher Bruce Berman instructed everyone on how to keep their eyes peeled for signs of seals and porpoises in the water around us. Two hundred sets of eyes peered over the railings of the “Freedom” for signs of dark seal noses bobbing in the water or for the exciting sight of a porpoises’ back and fin breaking the surface. Everyone got so excited each time there was a sighting, rushing to the best part of the boat to view the seals. It was so fun to see the kids so involved in the search, calling out to everyone else when they thought they saw something! And even if we hadn’t seen any seals or porpoises, it was a gorgeous day on its own; and I know everyone docked with more knowledge about the Harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands too!
I was thrilled to be a part of a free and fun event that could bring families together in the context of the magnificent resource that is our Harbor. My favorite part of my job is helping to connect new people to the Harbor and giving them an opportunity to share it with their families. And I love whenever I’m there to see it in action, and see the smiles on all the kid’s faces as they fall in love with being on the water.

I’ll see you around the Harbor this year! It’s our 25th Anniversary, which means we have 25 years of hard work, passion, and success to celebrate, and, as a result, clean water to enjoy. I don’t think the events and the parties around the Harbor this year are going to disappoint, and I really hope to see you there!
Michelle Palermino
Save the Harbor / Save the Bay

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