Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wonderful Trip on Boston Harbor

I was so excited on April 30th as I was going to assist a marine mammal trip with so many cute kids in Boston Harbor. It was a big free event held by Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. Actually I had never seen seals and porpoises on the sea but I did it this time. On that day, my professor—Bruce served as our tour guide on the boat, teaching us how to observe marine animals.
It was great fun to travel with tens of funny and excited children. They kept talking about the sea and running everywhere to catch sea animals. They were curious about everything.They simply kept the boat active and interesting. I loved the big smile on their faces when they were discovering marine mammals unexpectedly. When I was taking pictures for the warm families, I felt how happy they were to enjoy such a happy trip with each other. It made me think of my families.
Thanks to the nice weather, everything looked perfect. I enjoyed the sea wind flowing through my hairs. I enjoyed the seals hopping in front of my eyes. I enjoyed the airplanes flying so low just like on the top of my head. I enjoyed watching the beautiful islands and scenery. I enjoyed myself and everything else during the trip! What’s more, I was so grateful for people who donated in my donation box.
Junyue Pang

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