Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Peace and Purity on the Harbor

Sherry Zhang joined Save the Harbor / Save the Bay this semester as an intern from the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, China. Below, you can read her beautiful reaction to her very first Marine Mammal Safari this past Saturday…

The second trip of Save the Harbor’s Annual Marine Mammal Safari started at 1:45p.m. in April 30th. Everybody felt so excited while getting on the boat. Big smiles came up on everyone’s face.

In the beginning, layers and layers of clouds were pressing to the sky and made it look heavy. However, when the sun came out an hour later, everything became nice and calm.
I saw this man resting on the deck, reclined, lifted his head towards the sun without saying a word; this girl wearing a cute pink jacket stepped up on the chair and gazed at the spray from the stern. There was a couple holding each other, watching the light house on a small green island. Children were playing with each other with laughter rolling around. The sun was so bright, it lit up their face with a natural flush.

It was always a mystery of this original intimacy between human and the sea, like a basic instinct so deeply rooted inside our hearts. People can easily find the peace and purity of their soul near the water. It was a kind of connection, a call from the earth. Take a deep breath, you can smell it, the scent of home. Life was born in this blue. As long as we are living, we do everything to defend our home. 
Sherry Zhang

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