Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Nicole Comeau - Exploring a New Part of the Ocean

Hey Everyone!

My name is Nicole Comeau and I am a rising senior at UMass Amherst. At UMass I am an undergrad in the Isenberg School of Management majoring in Management with a concentration in Sustainable Business Practice. In addition to business school, I am also minoring in Natural Resource Conservation. This summer I will be interning with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay as an Operations Intern and I am so excited to not only learn, but also help protect the ocean and keep our beaches clean!
Me in Narragansett, RI - my favorite beach spot!

I grew up in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, a small town exactly 26.2 miles outside Boston - the start of the Boston Marathon. As a child my summers were spent outdoors whether it was at summer camp swimming and canoeing or playing competitive softball. When I was not at camp or playing sports, I could be found in the ocean.

My family bought a beach house in Narragansett, Rhode Island when I was three years old where I spent every weekend on the water. No matter how cold the water was I could always be found amongst the waves and would never want to leave. We took day trips to the sandbar where we anchored our boat and I would swim to the jetty to hunt for starfish. At least once a summer we took a trip to Block Island where we spent the day tubing and swimming. Other days were spent boogie boarding on the beach and at night we would visit the lighthouse to catch crabs and watch the surfers. I can not imagine my childhood without the ocean and I am so grateful to have grown up with the water.
Swimming at sunset in RI (Age 7)

As I got older my busy schedule has limited the amount of time I am able to spend at the ocean but my childhood experiences truly influenced the work I hope to do in the future. Upon starting my college career I knew business was the right field for me but was unsure where I wanted to take my degree. When it came time to declare a major I chose Management as it allowed flexibility in the career paths I could choose. As a Management major at UMass you are given the opportunity to choose a concentration and at the moment I saw the Sustainable Business Practice option I realized my passion for the environment. Growing up with the ocean has sparked my love for the environment and I am so excited that Save the Harbor allows me to spend more time on the water and explore another area of the ocean.

I am looking forward to my summer in Boston with Save the Harbor and protecting the environment!

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