Thursday, May 3, 2018

Singin' like the Good Ol' Days

Hey everyone,

         Going on the Marine Mammals trip to see seals was amazing. It started off like any exciting day where we geared up in pirate attire. I dressed Eric up and it was a pleasure to make the families in the line laugh.
My buddy Eric.
It was so nice informing many families on the different pirates that rebelled but had a purpose in what they did.

As we stared into the beautiful Boston Harbor we spotted a seal at 3 o'clock which was the first time I truly saw a seal but it was so adorable as it stared at the boat.

A cute Seal I saw.

This trip just reminds me of how grateful I am for working with Save the Harbor. It's a job that will continue to teach me about myself and how to present myself to others. Hopefully this summer teaches me many more lessons and I just have fun with kids.

Until next time,
Nieomi Colon

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